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India's foremost manufacturer of Lead Acid Storage Devices.

At IND GLOBE POWER BOOSTER, we have a powerful story to tell - an illustrious backdrop of building the company from scratch, developing efficient product and earning customer satisfaction steadily ans surely. It is a history of accomplishments that came along with talented teams, craftsmanship and infusing technology in conventional way of doing business. Most importantly we take pride in helping our customers by developing and deliver high qualityproducts at an affordable price that also assure peace of mind!

  • Under the vision of the founder, Mr. Rajesh, over the period of more than sixteen years, we have emerged as a leading supplier, manufacturer, importer and exporter of lead acid battery solutions.
  • Being one of the largest scale manufacturers in Indian Battery industry, we began our journey in 2004, from the lands of JIND, HARYANA, INDIA.
  • Our 16-year history of reliability and being ab efficient alternate power system manufacturer enabled our continuous investment in people, technology, and new ideas that make it easier for our customers to do great work.


What keep us inspired is our vision to build a strong, reliabled, quality driven and affordable product line while emphasizing on environment friendly products to keep our planet green.


Our Mission is to provide storage energy users with the best, effective, reliable product backed by dedicated customer service and to build lasting and rewarding realtionship with our partners in business our owners, employees, suppliers and distributers.



Higher cranking power in our batteries ensure an "Instant Start". Any time and every time.


Our belief in our product gives us the quiet confidence to give you a warranty of upto 48 months!


Not only are our batteries 90% recyclable, we also ensure that we keep our carbon footprint at minimum.

Clients say

"With IND GLOBE POWER BOOSTER you can never go wrong. We are happy with their performance. They offer smooth performance and are highly efficient."
"Experience with IND GLOBE POWER BOOSTER has been excellent. Their timely service and high quality products helped us earn a stable customer base."
"IND GLOBE POWER BOOSTER are customer centric in their approach and very professional with their work."